Update On Being Motivated

Update On Being Motivated

Alright, turns out that 600 dollar class I paid for is by far the most boring thing this semester, and that’s saying something (I’m also taking Stats). We also have to buy two books for that class, one of which he published. Can you imagine the money he makes every semester from students being forced to buy his book in addition to their ridiculous school tuition? That’s a subject I’m going to get into really soon…

On the bright side, I got myself out of bed and went to volunteer this morning and forgot just how rewarding it is. On the downside, I missed out on the first hour. When I woke up, I was already about a half-hour late and thought, ‘well, not it’s too late. I can’t go.” The other part of me reasoned that 3 hours is better than zero and I think that’s how we should all reason with ourselves, no matter what the case may be.

Don’t feel like…

Don’t feel like doing your class reading? Five minutes is better than zero.

Don’t feel like going to the gym? A jog around the house or block is better than eating chips in your bed.

Don’t feel like going to work? Too bad – you need the income.

Point is, you don’t have to feel like doing it, you just have to do it because it’s beneficial in one way or another. Even if the end result sucks, at least you know you put the effort in and that makes life suck a little less.

On the downside…

At this point, you can stop reading. The motivational part is over.

While I did manage to rise early and go volunteer, I ended up wasting the day away and wasn’t even going to post this, but I did. I was supposed to go to the gym but… I’m writing this instead after eating chips. Yes, some of those examples hit a little close to home.


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