E-book vs Paperback

E-book vs Paperback

Which do you prefer?


For the most part, I tend to read on my phone. Ever since i started reading, which was in middle school, i would always be on my phone, reading obsessively, especially past bed time. I ended up with glasses 😦

There’s just something so simple and easy about reading on my phone whenever and wherever I want that makes it so great.

  • It’s anywhere and everywhere as long as you have your small cellular device, charged and ready to be used
  • It cost a lot less than a tangible book does!
  • You can adjust font size, background color, lighting, etc
  • You’re not wasting trees!
  • You can stack them up all you want and don’t have to worry about lack of storage!
  • If you don’t know a work, all you have to do is press on the word and it’ll take you to the dictionary
  • Links can be attached and convenient to open up


Who doesn’t love a good, classic paperback? Seeing them on your shelves and having those wonderful memories of reading it, staining the pages with food, gripping the edge with anxious fingers and white knuckles in anticipation of what will happen next…ahh, can’t be beat.

  • You know that feeling of cracking opening a fresh new book, softening the spine, and breathing in that fresh new-book smell? – can’t be beat
  • Getting to have your own mini library, if you buy it of course
  • Can be free! Just go to the library!
  • Getting to buy a cute book mark and using it relentlessly
  • Admiring the book design – some are even 3D
  • Easier on the eyes
  • It’s different when someone seems you actually holding a book and reading rather than looking like your just on social media
  • Sharing! – ‘You have to read this book. Here, take it!’ – Your own little book club
  • Second hand books! – there’s a story written in ink and another story written between the folds and cracks that the previous owner left behind (maybe it isn’t always for the best but the written in side connects can be great!)
  • Doesn’t it feel amazing when your done reading for the time being so you put your bookmark in and close the book – now you can see the progress you made and how much you have left. I feel satisfied

Despite these differences, i think we can all agree that reading overall is just an amazing thing and isn’t it so great that we have multiple options? Each have their own benefits and drawbacks but at the end of the day, reading is reading.