Guilt| Motivation?

Guilt| Motivation?

What’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made?

Do you think when a person murders someone, they feel intense guilt? Assuming they’re not a psychopath of course.

Yes, I think they do feel guilt. Why doesn’t that stop them from murdering again?

Over time, the guilt over our mistake lessens the often we do it until we no longer feel guilty. It just becomes apart of us. Do we feel guilty for letting ourselves get that far?

For example, lying.

We start as horrible liars with shifting eyes and mumbled words. Some of us try our best to tell the truth as we get older because honesty is the best policy (Unless your 6ix9ine…once he’s out of jail, the gangs are after him). Some of us continue to lie and over time, we perfect it, while no longer feeling guilty and being able to carefully manoeuvre our way around the consequences.

Point is, it’s okay to lie now and again.

For real though, try to right your wrong and cross that threshold where you no longer care.